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Now in his sixties, Melchior continues to make extensive US concert tours (including with Helen Traubel), TV and radio appearances; he takes on a fifth movie role (Paramount's The Stars are Singing); he organizes and performs in a touring nightclub act, and devotes two summers to a supporting role in a musical comedy, Arabian Nights.

Mr. and Mrs. Melchior
with Gene Raymond,   Nelson Eddy and
Jeanette MacDonald,
Mr. and Mrs. Melchior with Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald, and Gene Raymond
5 February 1950
  • Concert: St. Augustine, Florida. (scheduled)
6 February 1950
  • TV: Voice of Firestone
15 February 1950
  • Recital: Houston, TX
17 February 1950
  • Recital: Edinburgh, TX
20 February 1950
  • Recital: El Paso, TX
23 February 1950
  • Recital: Phoenix, AZ
24 February 1950
  • Recital: Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX
26 February 1950
  • RADIO: Milton Cross: Melchior is a guest. 4:30 PM
8 March 1950
  • Concert. Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham, AL. Cincinnati Symphony, Thor Johnson conducting. Tristan und Isolde excerpts with Traubel.
4 April 1950
  • Recital [Scheduled]: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Forum Auditorium.
21 April 1950
  • Recital, Chicago: Svithiod Choral Club. Melchior sings songs by Sjoberg, Grieg, Sibelius, Schumann and Rodgers and Youmans. Melchior's accompanist for this and his other recitals this winter/spring is Leonard Eisner.
24 April 1950
  • TV: Voice of Firestone
27-29 April 1950
  • Recording sessions, Decca studios: a Student Prince cast recording with Melchior, 60, as the Prince, conducted by Victor Young.
[April 1950]
  • Concert: Minneapolis. Concert version of Tristan und Isolde with Melchior and Traubel. Antal Dorati conducts.
2 May 1950
  • RADIO: Carnegie Hall; broadcast on WJZ 8-8:30 PM.
16 June 1950
  • Concert, Chicago: Melchior is guest soloist at 28th biennial Norwegian sangerfest of Norwegian Singers Association of America, Northwest Armory. 8 PM. Walter E. Steindel conducts the Chicago SO.
20 June 1950
  • RADIO: WNYC 2:00PM.
27 June 1950
  • Concert: Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Colorado. Melchior and Traubel sing a Wagnerian program with the Denver Symphony.
late June/early July 1950
  • Concert: Melchior appears as a soloist with the Denver Symphony during the same week as the Aspen Festival (see above).
7 July 1950

  • Concert: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado. Melchior and Traubel sing scenes from Tristan und Isolde conducted by Saul Caston.
16 July 1950
  • RADIO: NBC Symphony Orchestra Series. Max Reiter, conductor. "Some Enchanted Evening", "Not Enough," "Prize Song," "Vesti le Giubba"
17 July 1950

  • Concert: Robin Hood Dell in Philadelphia. Leonard Bernstein conducts Melchior in three excerpts from Lohengrin and Walküre, as well as "Because," "Without a Song," "Yours is My Heart Alone," and "Some Enchanted Evening."
July 1950
  • Concert: Oglebay Park Amphitheatre, Wheeling, West Virginia.
2 August 1950
  • Concert: University of Utah Stadium, Salt Lake City
4 September 1950

  • Special Appearance: Lauritz Melchior sings at Eisenhower's "Crusade for Freedom" meeting on the topic of "Radio Free Europe" in Denver City Auditorium.
9 October 1950
  • TV: Voice of Firestone
10 October 1950
  • Concert: [Scheduled] Winnipeg, Manitoba
15 October 1950
  • TV: "Toast of the Town" (Ed Sullivan's show). Melchior sings "Lohengrin's Farewell" and "Without a Song."
17 October 1950
  • Concert: Scheduled: London, Ontario
19 October 1950
  • TV: "Stop the Music" Bert Parks and guest Lauritz Melchior WJZ-TV 8-9 PM
27-28 October 1950
  • Concert: Kansas City, joint concert with Rose Bampton; Kansas City Philharmonic.
3 November 1950
  • Recital: New Orleans Municipal Auditorium.
4 November 1950
  • Concert: Springfield, Massachusetts
13 November 1950
  • Concert, Tallahassee, FL. Melchior is soloist with the State Symphony of Florida. Karl Kuersteiner conducts.
24 November 1950
  • TV: United Hospital Fund Show, WPIX 9-11 PM
26 November 1950
  • RADIO: Tallulah Bankhead's "The Big Show;" the other guests are Fred Allen, Ed Wynn, and Jack Carson. NBC
30 November 1950
  • Concert: Philadelphia Forum
9 December 1950
  • Recital: Hunter College, New York City
11 December 1950-Melchior is in Staten Island, New York to receive an honorary degree of "Doctor of Humane Letters" from Wagner Lutheran Memorial College.  
about 12 December 1950-Lauritz Melchior is Santa at the Children's Aid Society in New York and sings Christmas songs.  
21 December 1950
  • Special Appearance: Lauritz Melchior sings "America the Beautiful" at the grand opening of Wollman (Ice Skating) Rink in New York's Central Park.
24 December 1950
  • TV: "Toast of the Town" 8-9 PM (The Ed Sullivan Show). With David Niven, Rosemary Clooney. Melchior sings "Vesti la Giubba" and "Some Enchanted Evening."
24 December 1950
  • RADIO: "Birthday in Bethlehem." Melchior sings "Silent Night" at 11:57 PM over NBC.
25 December 1950
  • TV: Uncle Miltie (Berle)'s Christmas Party 3-4 PM. WNBC. Melchior sings "The House I Live In."
28 December 1950
  • 1. Special Appearance: Lauritz Melchior performs at the wedding of Renee Schone and Chicago industrialist Lester Crown at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.
  • 2. TV: Melchior is a guest on Kate Smith's Variety Show.
[December 1950]
  • Concert tour-including Baltimore, Maryland
  • Concert: Dana College, Nebraska
[1950-1951 concert season]
  • Concerts scheduled include Houston, Texas, and Oklahoma City.



4 January 1951
  • TV: 9-10 PM. NBC. Jack Haley revue. With Lauritz Melchior, Morey Amsterdam, Jackie Gleason, Harold Lang. Melchior sings a song, then performs a duet with Jack Haley, which is, according to the Variety review, an operatic satire of "The Thing." Broadcast from New York City.
11 January 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Louisville, Kentucky, Memorial Auditorium
14 January 1951
  • Concert: Austin, Texas. University of Austin's Gregory Gymnasium, 3:30 PM. Ezra Rachlin conducts the Austin Symphony.
14?, 18 January 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Cincinnati
20 January 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled:  Tristan & Isolde with Traubel, Minneapolis Symphony, Dorati.
24 January 1951
  • Concert: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO: Tristan und Isolde excerpts with Traubel and St. Louis Symphony, Vladimir Golschmann conducting.
28 January 1951
  • Concert: Constitution Hall, Washington D.C. Melchior sings Scandinavian songs, Schubert, R. Strauss, Schumann, and Wagner.  President Truman and his family attend. 

Washington Post: "It took the singer a long time to warm up his voice. Not until...the Wagner, did he find some of the vibrant power formerly such a part of his voice. The years have left Melchior with his ringing higher notes, though these do not come with ease. But he is no longer able to color tones or sustain them softly. His intonation, too, suffers at times....his entire group of lieder...were complete distortions of the composer's rhythms and intentions.  Melchior simply did not know or understand the Earlking" (Paul Hume, p. B4).

29 January 1951
  • Special Appearance: Melchior, still in DC, sings for Korean War wounded at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center at 7:30 PM, Red Cross Auditorium. Before the concert, he attends a luncheon given by Mr. and Mrs. Curt Schiffeler at the Raleigh Hotel. After the concert, he sings at a dinner given in his honor by Turkish ambassador Erkin and his wife.
12 February 1951
  • TV: Voice of Firestone
12, 13 February 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: University of Miami Symphony
18 February 1951
  • RADIO: Melchior appears on Tallulah Bankhead's "The Big Show" radio program on NBC again; the other guests are Fred Allen, Ed Wynn, and Beatrice Lillie.
28 February 1951
  • Concert: Mount Vernon, New York. Mount Vernon Symphony Orchestra, Simon Asen conducting. Joint concert with Mimi Benzell.
6 March 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Knoxville, Tennessee, Tristan & Isolde concert version with Traubel, Cincinnati Symphony.
8 March 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Birmingham, Alabama, Cincinnati Symphony
11 March 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Atlanta, Georgia, Tristan & Isolde concert version, with Traubel and Cincinnati Symphony.
4 April 1951
  • TV: 4-Star Revue with Ed Wynn, Lauritz Melchior, Smith & Dale, Richard Himber, Paul Steffan Dancers. 8-9 PM.
5 April 1951
  • Special Appearance: Melchior appears at a Red Cross rally at Madison Square Garden attended by President Truman.
6 April 1951
  • RADIO: Carnegie Hall, Liederkranz SO, conductor Otto Seyfert, soloist Lauritz Melchior, 8:30 PM
17 April 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Syracuse, New York
7 May 1951
  • Special Appearance: Melchior appears at the "Paris Birthday Ball" at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, a benefit for French Hospitals-[possibly not a singing appearance?]
May-June 1951-Mr. and Mrs. Melchior travel to Germany, Denmark and France.  
[June 1951]
  • Concert: Berlin. An outdoor benefit. It is broadcast on RADIO.
11 July 1951
  • Concert: Oglebay Park Amphitheatre Wheeling, West Virginia.
12 July 1951
  • Concert:  Robin Hood Dell, Philadelphia. "He sang the 'Prize Song' transposed down a full tone" Musical America's review claims.
15 July 1951
  • TV: "Toast of the Town"
24 September 1951
  • TV: "Voice of Firestone"
1 October 1951
  • Concert: Colorado Springs High School Auditorium, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
10 October 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
27 October 1951
  • TV: 9-10 PM: All Star Revue (Victor Borge's Show), Lauritz Melchior, Vera Zorina, June Hutton. Melchior sings the "Prize Song."
30 October 1951
  • Concert: Jackson, Mississippi Municipal Auditorium
1 November 1951
  • Concert: Mobile, Alabama
6 November 1951-Melchior is named an "Honorary Citizen of Chicago" by Mayor Kennelly at City Hall.; on Nov 8th, Melchior is a guest speaker at the USO drive at Chicago's Sherman Hotel.  
9 November 1951-
22 November 1951
  • Concerts: "Lauritz Melchior and his Singing Vikings" appear as one of the opening acts (20 minutes, 5-6 times a day) for screenings of Fox Studio's Betty Grable movie "Meet Me After the Show" at the Chicago Theater in Chicago. Conductor is Louis Basil.

    On November 9th, Melchior also appears on the morning RADIO program "Welcome Travelers" hosted by Tommy Bartlett (NBC).

On at least one occasion, Melchior sings an additional program of songs at the Chicago Theater outside of his regular appearances before each screening of the movie. Crooner Tony Bennett takes over from Melchior for a new program on the 23rd of November.

Chicago Tribune: "Melchior...beams, even when the theater's [miniature] orchestra bravely embarks on Siegmund's love song....after the Wagner he sings "Because," "Viva la Compagnie [sic]", and the song I sometimes thinks he loves best of all, Grieg's "I Love You." (Claudia Cassidy, Nov. 12, p. B1B.)

Variety (Nov. 14, reviewing Nov. 9) "Nate Platt, house booker, deserves a plaudit for the debut of Lauritz Melchior, who certainly makes more than an auspicious bow...." ("Zabe"). Under "New Acts" section, same reviewer: "Lauritz Melchior, in his vaudfilm debut here, has eschewed the usual trend of the longhair going comedic. He does straight singing with little deviation. That such a routine would excite bravos from an early-morning audience is certainly a rarity in vaude, but that's exactly what greeted Melchior here. It's an indication that the right kind of longhair attractions can do well in the presentation houses. Singer, dressed in tails, makes no including any straight pop tunes...After a short intro, he does the Spring Song...and it gets him a tremendous hand.  There are no flourishes, no grimaces, just fine singing.  Headliner then introduces his choral backing...they sock across a neatly-phrased rendition of "Morning," led by Melchior; he then joins them [in "Because"]...which gets a near-violent handburst.  The group does a tricky, semi-comedy roundelay, "Vive La Compaigne," [sic] with a plea for audience participation. Brought back, Melchior does another solo, "I Love You," for boff closer. The appeal of the act is not limited to any phase of show business-it's certainly a "must" for television and theatres. However, it might even be a smart booking for better supper clubs. Melchior at past 60 certainly can give pointers to many youngsters in this business...."

  • Special Appearance: Lauritz Melchior also appears at the 7th "Harvest Moon Festival" held in the Chicago Stadium on November 17th.
1 December 1951
  • Concert: Scheduled: Lyric Theatre, Baltimore.
2 December 1951
  • RADIO: "The Big Show," Tallulah Bankhead's radio program #37, with Fred Allen, George Sanders, Lauritz Melchior, Paul McGrath, Ginger Rogers, Dolores Gray
Christmas 1951
  • Special Appearance: Melchior and comedian Joe E. Brown are the entertainment for the Hershey Employee's Christmas Party.
25 December 1951
  • TV: Dinah Shore Show. Melchior sings "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."
[1951-1952 concert season]
  • Concerts scheduled include Sioux City, Iowa.




1 January 1952                                   
  • TV: Lauritz Melchior on Channel 4, 8:30 PM.

8 January 1952
  • Concert: Scheduled: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
10 January 1952
  • Concert: Scheduled: Nashville, Tennessee
14 January 1952
  • TV: Voice of Firestone
16 January 1952-Melchior attends the opening performance of a puppet opera theater attached to Chicago's Kungsholm Restaurant. "Of all the words spoken at the launching party, the ones that theater seems to stand for are Lauritz Melchior's when he said that to some of the performances will come children "touched by God's finger" and that as they watch and listen they will feel stirring within them the urge to bring those puppets to life" (Claudia Cassidy, Chicago Tribune p. C1)  
24 February 1952
  • Special Appearance: Melchior attends the last day of Judy Garland's Palace Theater (New York) show. In a traditional vaudevillian gesture to the following act, Garland takes him up on stage for a brief conversation. At the end of the show, he leads the audience in "Auld Lang Syne."
26 February 1952-March 10? 1952
  • Concerts: Melchior begins his run as a Palace Theatre vaudeville headliner, closing on March 10?. His song program is similar to that of his other lighter concerts during recent years. On the first night, his program includes "Winterstürme," "Beiden Grenadiere," "I Love You," "Without a Song," and "Because."    

New York Times: "...There is no necessity for [Melchior's] little speech indicating that it is a difficult assignment following Miss [Judy] Garland. He can hold his own, as he amply proved in his first appearance in the vaudeville stage....He displays dignity and radiates warmth, and he has an ingratiating manner in introducing his various numbers." (Lewis Funke, p. 22) 

Brooklyn Eagle: "[Melchior] establishes his right to that position [top billing] in this new vaudeville medium...with a jolly and hearty personality, and of course, his strong, rich voice....a warm likable trouper, Mr. Melchior" (Louis Sheaffer)

Billboard, 8 March 1952: "The show closer was Lauritz Melchoir [sic]. The white haired, dignified tenor sang in accomplished manner. He even managed to get in some audience participation. But as a show closer, apart from his name, he didn't stack up to some of the other acts that preceded him" (Bill Smith, p. 3).

18 March 1952
  • TV: Melchior appears on NBC at 4:00 (this may have been the Kate Smith Show?)
21 March 1952
  • Concert, Carnegie Hall, New York: Melchior sings with the Liederkranz Singing Society at Carnegie Hall at 8:30 PM.
23 March 1952
  • TV: "Arthur Murray Party"
26 March 1952
  • RADIO: Musical Comedy Theatre 8-9 PM. WOR: "Two Sisters from Boston" with Lauritz Melchior and Jules Munshin.+
April-June 1952
  • MOVIE: Melchior is filming the motion picture The Stars are Singing for Paramount in Hollywood. The movie is a joint vehicle for pop singer Rosemary Clooney and teen soprano Anna Maria Alberghetti. Melchior has third billing.
18 April 1952
  • Concert, Chicago: Melchior is soloist with the Svithiod Singing Society, 8:15, Orchestra Hall.
21 June 1952
  • RADIO: Olympic Fund Show.
19 August 1952
  • Recital, Santa Barbara, CA: Lobero Theater. A joint recital with violinist Henri Temianka. Accompanist Emanuel Bay. Melchior sings Scandinavian songs, lieder by Wagner and Schubert. After the concert, he attends a supper given by Harry McGuire and his wife, former Countess Marita Skarzynska, and, while he is in Santa Barbara, also attends a luncheon given in his honor by Mme. Ganna Walska at her estate, "Lotusland."
28 September 1952
  • TV: "Toast of the Town"
30 September 1952
  • Concert: Warner Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey. With baritone Robert Merrill (1917-2005) and soprano Marguerite Piazza. Melchior is 'Master of Ceremonies' and sings "Winterstürme," "Eternal Life," "The Song's the Thing," and excerpts from "The Student Prince" with Merrill and Piazza.   

Melchior's performance with Merrill today is possibly not his first. Merrill claimed in his 1976 memoir, Between Acts, that he sang with Melchior at a New Year's Eve party hosted by Elsa Maxwell in Newark, New Jersey in the early 1950's. At that party, Merrill recounted,he made Melchior the butt of a publicly humiliating joke about the array of medals Melchior wore to formal dress occasions.      

Merrill reflected that the prank smarted Melchior so strongly because as "concrete evidence of decades of noble achievement" the medals were one of the few things Melchior had that "propped him up now that he was no longer champ." (From: Merrill, Robert. (1976). Between acts: an irreverent look at opera and other madness. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 222-223.)

1 October 1952
  • Concert: Scheduled: a concert in Colorado Springs' High School Auditorium.
3 October 1952
  • Concert: Scheduled: Memorial Hall, Pueblo, Colorado.
5 October 1952
  • TV: "Toast of the Town"
8 October 1952
  • TV: Lauritz Melchior is a guest on game show "The Name's the Same."
12 October 1952
  • TV: Arthur Murray Show. Lauritz Melchior, Victor Borge, Teresa Brewer.
14 October 1952
  • Concert: Scheduled: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
15 October 1952
  • TV: "Toast of the Town" 8-9 PM. (Ed Sullivan's Show). "The story of ASCAP, part II"  Melchior sings one or two Victor Herbert songs.
17 November 1952
  • TV: Voice of Firestone 8:30 PM
18 November 1952
  • TV: "Where Was I" Channel 5.
  • RADIO: Melchior appears on the Armed Forces Radio Service program called "JUBILEE."



6 January 1953 
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show": Melchior opens a "nightclub act" at Las Vegas's Sahara (Congo Room).  On this opening night, Melchior begins the show singing "Sing Me a Song," later sings "Vive L'Amour", "Without a Song," "Because" and "Vesti la Giubba," and appears as part of a "Merry Widow" finale, singing "Maxim's." The rest of the show belongs to the other singers and entertainers who form part of his "Lauritz Melchior Show."

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this group concert tour is that, in partnership with the National Federation of Music Clubs, young local singers who auditioned beforehand will appear at a designated time during Melchior's show, to be recorded and judged by a committee from the National Federation of Music Clubs. The winners, Marlene Koenig and Gus Dittman, are announced in October 1954.

7 January 1953                         
  • Concert: Scheduled: Denver, Municipal Auditorium.
21 January 1953
  • Special Appearance: Melchior sings the "Star Spangled Banner" during part of the Eisenhower inaugural festivities.
22 January 1953
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show": Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, 8:15 PM. The next two shows take place in Tulsa and Enid, Oklahoma.
28 January 1953
  •  "Lauritz Melchior Show": Civic Center Theatre, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 8:20 PM.
[11 March 1953- New York premiere of The Stars are Singing]

18 March 1953
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show." Capitol Theatre, Wheeling, W.V.
23 March 1953
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show," Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. 

Washington Post: "Melchior's voice is excerpts from Puccini's "Boheme" Rodolfo's aria was chopped precisely at its midpoint...and the ensuing duet, "O Soave fanciulla," was also ended before its taxing last phrases. Not that either singer [Melchior or Val Valente] could have hit them....Things are pretty odiferous in the Lauritz Melchior show" (Paul Hume).

5 April 1953
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show," Ohio Theatre, Lima, OH.
25 April 1953
  • Concert: Melchior performs with the chorus of Chicago's Lake Shore Club, directed by Knute Hansen of Chicago's Svithiod singing society.
8 May 1953
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show:" Sans Souci nightclub in Montreal, Quebec.
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show:" Reno 
20 September- 20 October
  • "Lauritz Melchior Show": Congo Room, Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas. Sample program: October 1: Melchior sings "Torna i Sorriento", "Vesti la Giubba," "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "You are Love," and "Helan Går."
30 October 1953
  • Century Room, Hotel Adolphus Century Room, Dallas, TX
"The Great Dane, impeccably clad in evening dress, and wearing his native Denmark's Commander Cross of Knighthood, was a majestic figure, but with a twinkle in his eye, and a flair for a quip, he introduced his young fellow-artists...Young artists need to be heard he said, and introducing this young talent was part of the purpose of the show....the Maestro joined the youngsters in a couple of "Student Prince" numbers. But when Melchior took the stage alone he gave forth with the old power and drive for which he is famous. And he can get sentimental...and...tender [too.] His finale appropriately done in Canio's clown costume was the contrast needed to round out the evening's program. There wasn't a peep out of a usually noisy crowd of night-clubbers, as he sobbed out the "Vesti la Giubba." (Fairfax Nesbit, Dallas Morning News)
7 or 8 November
  • TV: Melchior sings "Because" during the Cerebral Palsy Telethon telecast from Dallas, Texas. He is accompanied by the singers Angeline Collins and William Chapman from "The Lauritz Melchior Show."
18 December 1953
  • 1. Melchior plays Santa at Children's Aid Society, New York.
  • 2. TV: Dave Garroway Show 8PM WNBT Channel 4.



8-13 February 1954
  • NIGHTCLUB: Lauritz Melchior's nightclub show is in Washington DC to play two shows a night in the Sheraton-Park Hotel's Continental Room.   

Washington Post: "More than 300 persons....thoroughly enjoyed the Lauritz Melchior Show....The Danish tenor...kept his audience spellbound with a mixture of showmanship and talent that actually brought diners to their feet when the first show ended....Instead of trying to dominate the musical revue Melchior has wisely delegated some of the chores to three 'young hopefuls,' including attractive Angelene Collins, all with more than average talent." (Herron, P. February 10, p 24)

[9 February 1954]
  • Special Appearance: Melchior sings "Because" and Grieg's "I Love You" at the Navy Supply Corps Officer's Wives Club luncheon today in Washington, DC, a charity function attended by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.
9 May 1954 
  • NIGHTCLUB: Melchior Show: Orchestra Hall, Chicago.

Chicago Tribune: "When he opened with some Viking songs and added Sibelius' "Black Roses" and Grieg's "I Love Thee," it was reassuringly like old times. The three young singers with him, Marcella Reale, Patricia Beems, and William Chapman, have voices and talent....But the printed program [which included arias from Lohengrin and Walküre, Schubert, Strauss, Sibelius, Backer-Lunde] is a movable feast adjusted as Mr. Melchior tests audience temperature, and the parading on and off stage becomes interminable." (Cassidy, p. B11)

28 May 1954          
  • TV: Life Begins at Eighty, 9PM, Channel 5
11 June 1954
  • TV: 7-7:30. Guy Lombardo Show. Lauritz Melchior and ballerina Mia Slavenska appear to promote the musical comedy Arabian Nights.
13 June 1954
  • Recording session, Decca Records: the cast album of Arabian Nights.
15 June 1954
  • TV: 8:30 PM: Arthur Murray Party. Lauritz Melchior, Jane Russell, Bert Lahr, Burgess Meredith, Jimmy Nelson, Gali Gali, Rhonda Fleming, Beryl Davis, Connie Haines.
24 June 1954-
11 September 1954  

  • MUSICAL COMEDY: Melchior gives nightly performances of Arabian Nights in Jones Beach Marine Theatre, Long Island, New York as "The Sultan."
14 September 1954
  • TV: 8:30-9 PM: Arthur Murray Party. Lauritz Melchior, Eva Gabor.
11 December 1954
  • TV: Star Theatre. Lauritz Melchior, Jimmy Durante. Channel 4. Melchior performs a vaudeville act with Jimmy Durante.



10 January 1955
  • TV: Lauritz Melchior is a guest on the game show "The Name's the Same."
22 February 1955
  • RADIO: Heart Fund Show: Lauritz Melchior and Frank Sinatra are the guests. 
30 April 1955
  • Concert: New York. Lauritz Melchior performs with Liederkranz S.O. and chorus.
23 June 1955-       
5 September 1955
  • MUSICAL COMEDY: Melchior gives nightly performances of Arabian Nights at the Jones Beach Marine Theatre, Long Island, New York.
26 October 1955-Melchior is the guest of honor at today's Commonwealth dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  
25 November 1955
  • NIGHTCLUB: Melchior begins a four week visit at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas with his nightclub act. He sings excerpts from Student Prince, Vesti la Giubba, and "Vive la Compagnie" from his picture Thrill of a Romance.

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